AIPH - Host City

AIPH, the International Association of Horticultural Producers, with a mandate by international convention, is the globally recognised body for approving International Horticultural Exhibitions. Lasting up to six months and covering areas from 25 to 500 hectares, these spectacular public-facing events are held in cities around the world to promote the beauty and benefits of plants in the built environment.  

International Horticultural Exhibitions attract many international participants and millions of visitors, and provide a wonderful opportunity for a city to showcase its green and sustainability credentials through the delivery of a beautiful, major, international event.

Engaging communities and raising the appreciation of plants and flowers, AIPH approved exhibitions are inspiring and educational. They boost city economies and infrastructure, increase tourism and future visitation, encourage foreign trade and international investment, create positive financial impacts and leave a memorable and lasting legacy for the city.

International Horticultural Exhibitions are organised with the expertise, advice and guidance of AIPH. AIPH connects organisers to the best support network and community, ensuring an AIPH approved exhibition is an enjoyable and world-class success.

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