OSF is a platform for internationally promoting companies, organisations and institutes that have a connection with Dutch sport. It involves 'hardware' (infrastructure, accommodation, financing and advice) and 'software' (training, coaching, nutrition, education, sports marketing). One of OSF’s most important roles is to identify opportunities in and for other countries and to provide a platform that allows Dutch companies, organisations and institutes to come into contact with parties from foreign countries.

OSF brings Dutch companies and institutions into contact with potential partners and customers abroad and vice versa. OSF’s network currently consists of more than 300 companies and institutions. In addition, OSF works closely with the Dutch government and foreign missions (embassies and consulates). Ultimately, this will lead to the optimal use of opportunities abroad.

OSF has a lot of experience in China, India, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. OSF focuses on three pillars:

  • Supporting, representing and advising sports companies and institutions with international (export) ambitions.  
  • Developing a network of sports companies that is useful both nationally and internationally  
  • Promoting the exceptional character of the Dutch sports climate.

Orange Sports Forum is also the natural partner for foreign organisations looking to access Dutch sports expertise or products. With our brand “Holland Sports & Industry” we can get enquirers in touch with the best companies, sports associations and knowledge partners in the Netherlands. Holland Sports & Industry is an initiative of the Orange Sports Forum foundation. 

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