Tim Briercliffe - Host City speaker

Tim Briercliffe

Position: Secretary General, AIPH, the International Association of Horticultural Producers

Tim is Secretary General of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), a role he has held since June 2013.

Based in the headquarters in the UK, he is responsible for the management and administration of the association which includes the approval of international horticultural exhibitions, Green City initiatives, statistics and environmental and technical issues facing growers of ornamental plants.

Tim has overseen the approval and monitoring of A1 and B category Expos in Suncheon (South Korea 2013), Qingdao (P.R. China 2014), Antalya (Turkey 2016), Tangshan (P.R. China 2016), Taichung (Chinese Taipei 2018/19), Beijing (P. R. China 2019), Yangzhou (P. R. China 2021) as well as the approval of upcoming Expos in Hatay (Turkey 2021), Doha (Qatar 2023/24), Almere Amsterdam (Netherlands 2022), Kahramanmaras (Turkey 2023), Suncheon (South Korea 2023), Chengdu (P.R. China 2024), Izmir (Turkey 2026) and Yokohama (Japan 2027).

Tim previously worked for over eight years as Director of Business Development at the UK’s Horticultural Trades Association and prior to this for landbased consultancy ADAS as a Senior Ornamental Horticultural Consultant. During his studies he worked on plant production nurseries in the UK and Canada. He graduated with an Honours degree in Horticulture from the University of Reading in 1997.