AIR RACE X - Host City

AIR RACE X a 5-Dimensional Motorsport that Transcends Time and Space

AIR RACE X (ARX) is the next generation of motorsports, establishing an unprecedented innovative competition format and spectator style through a new racing format that combines actual flight with the latest augmented reality (AR) technology.

Eight of the world’s elite race Pilots race for six days in a remote format qualifying round of heats at locations around the world. This format is called "digital rounds". The pilots each follow the same racetrack as that of the final race day held in Shibuya, Japan.

The race times and location are mapped using a Remote Data Unit, (RDU) with data and video uploaded to ARX headquarters after each flight. These times are shown publicly on the ARX website. Pilots will also fly a semi-final and final race, these are kept confidential until the final race day, Sunday 15th October where pilots and aircraft are bought together in a 45-minute broadcast using life size AR planes using data from flown races and AR advertising and pylons through the streets of Shibuya.

Spectators can watch the pilots' flights using (AR) technology on their mobile devices using the STYLY app in Shibuya, Tokyo, at selected event areas or worldwide live broadcast and/or live streaming on YouTube.

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