Recast is a platform that resets what it means to stream. Making access fairer, rewarding creators better, and connecting through content. Where Fans pay creators per view, rather than the platform per subscription. And where up to 85% of the income goes directly to the Publishers. A fairer split for creators and a fairer choice for Fans.
With Recast, content is priced from just 1p per minute, using an in-platform credit system, 'Cast Credits'. Casts can either be purchased or earned in-platform by watching ads, sharing videos or data, or by inviting friends to join. Recast’s unique microtransaction model makes content accessible and affordable for all.
Recast is headquartered in Edinburgh with a staff of over 50, and has raised £15m investment to date. Currently available in over 90 countries, it has over 150 channels ranging from British Fencing to Manchester City and World Curling, with a steady stream of new Channels coming onboard.



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