Daniel Cordey - Host City speaker

Daniel Cordey

Position: Chairman, Association of Global Event Suppliers

Since 2014 Daniel Cordey is the Chairman of the Association of Global Event Suppliers (www.ages.international) which is the label for quality, safety and reliability of the growing industry of global event suppliers. The association promotes temporary and demountable infrastructure and supports governmental bodies and organizers by developing standards and procedures to obtain sustainable, cost-effective infrastructure solutions. 

From 1990 to 2014 Daniel was an executive director of the Nüssli Group (www.nussli.com), a global supplier of temporary infrastructure solutions. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and the development of new products and services, he contributed significantly to the successful development of the Group. He was involved in the conception and delivery of bespoke temporary constructions, lightweight structures and pavilions for events and directed numerous projects including large-scale projects for Olympic Games and World Expos.